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View of Rurrenabaque, Beni and San Buenaventura, La Paz from the cross in Rurre - Department of Beni!



Founded on February 2, 1844, Rurrenabaque is a charming small town of 15, 500 people located in the department of Beni on the shore of the Beni River in the rain forest of the Amazon basin of Bolivia.  Rurre is the short form used by the local people.  Sitting at an altitude of 229 meters above sea level, Rurrenabaque boast a warm and humid climate with a mean temperature of 27 Celsius.  The annual rainfall is 1, 800mm with the greatest rainfall occurring during the rainy season from late November to mid-March.  Although pure tropical, the coldest month of the year are mid-July to mid-September and the weather can drop below 20 Celsius.  When travelling during that period you should make sure that you bring proper clothing to keep warm.

Beni river at sunset

Tourism is slowly growing over years.  Rurrenabaque is an adventure starting point to awesome private and community owned and operated indigenous eco-lodges located in the Biosphere of Pilon Lajas Madidi National Park and the Savannas.  Several indigenous culture co-exist in the area.  The predominant cultures are the indigenous people of the lowland or Amazon basin:  Mosetenes, Tsinames, Tacana, Esse-Eja of the lowland and a fair size population of Quechua and Aymara of the highlands or Andes.

The economy is mainly tourism and its derivative industry followed by agriculture and the lumber industry.  The city boast a fair amount of very fine restaurants serving local and international  cuisine.  Similarly, the Hotel industry has evolved to cater to the demand of the most demanding travellers.  In short, Rurre is a very positive, friendly and enjoyable place to live and visit.  Charming small town - fine restaurants, hotels, souvenir shop, Sunday market and a relaxing environment.


Welcome to Rurre and its surrounding areas.

Changing money in Rurrenabaque:  Rurrenabaque has one bank, "Fondo Financiero Privado Prodem".  It is a private finance fund company.  You can get cash advance on your Visa and Master card - 5% cost applied.  Prodem does not accept debit card.  You can also change travellers cheque but at a very low rate and it is not recommended.  We recommend that you withdraw the money you will need from a bank machine at the airport when you leave for Rurrenabaque.

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