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Madidi Amazon Travel is a privately owned and operated local Bolivian and Canadian tourism company promoting indigenous and non-indigenous socio-cultural tourism in the nation of Bolivia. We are semi-retired and we only operate in the Rurrenabaque area for the reason that we love it with a passion.  Because of our past experiences in international foreign aid, we also promote and encourage local residents to start their own ventures through capacity building, proper administration, marketing practices and local experiences - sustainable development.  Madidi Amazon Travel basically supports ethical businesses.  Local businesses, organizations or foundations not listed in our web site either are unknown to us locally or do not meet a code of ethics sufficiently adequate to be listed on our site.  We believe that helping the local economy not only has a positive socio-economic ripple effect on our business but also on that of the area, the nation and the world.


Our office (Cell  (591) 737-39257 is located in Rurrenabaque, Department of Beni, Bolivia.  Please do not hesitate to contact us at We operate in the area of the Biosphere of Pilon Lajas better known in our community as "Reserva de la Biosfera y Tierra Communitaria de Origen Pilon Lajas" and the world famous Madidi National Park.  Both protected areas are separated by the Beni River, which offers the largest bio-diversity in the world.  We offer packages of 11 days, 13 days or carved to your demand and time of visit  to the jungle and the Pampa also known as Savannas of the Amazon basin combined with special expeditions and ethical socio-ecological local projects.  Our guides / local contractors of services to our business are indigenous and local Bolivian people born and raised in the Pilon Lajas  /  Madidi and Rurrenabaque area.


Our business operates and promote the outmost best quality service.  We at Madidi Amazon Travel are in business because of our clients.  Therefore, with cautious planning and emphasis on each and every details, we guarantee a memorable experience.  We work for you and with you to make sure that when you return to your home nation, you will share with others your positive experience of the Amazon basin of Bolivia.  Quality service, safety, pleasure and enjoyment.

Marcel Gareau


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